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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to day one of my blog. I'll be popping in here from time to time to share whats going on in my world of lutherie.

It's a crisp and cool morning here in Mount Juliet. @ STGR. I'm out in the shop sweeping up sawdust which is a common task in the luthier world.  I stayed up until 2:30 this morning working on my mandolin project. Many years ago my wife bought me a real cool little Kay "Old Kraftsman" mando. It's never played well, had a really poor fret level at some point and the headstock had broken at one time and was glued back on by some novice. It's getting a reworked fingerboard, new ebony headstock overlay with mother of pearl inlay, new frets, reworked bridge and I'm stripping off the old very pretty but super thick cherry sunburst finish. When I'm finished, it'll have a thin natural finish on top so the nice spruce top can resonate, koa binding on the body, cream binding on the neck, walnut stain on the sides, back and neck to show the pretty flamed maple. Normally, I would not alter a vintage instrument this way, but since I'm keeping it, and it's mine I wanted to make it like I want it. Here are a few before pics:

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